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Csodálatos harmónia vette birtokba az egész lelkemet.. mint a tavasz édes-friss reggelei.

Hubert IstvánJurtakészítő

Csodálatos harmónia vette birtokba az egész lelkemet.. mint a tavasz édes-friss reggelei.

Hubert IstvánJurtakészítő

Harmful and positive earth radiations (Hartmann lines, St. George net, veins, etc.) that crisscross our planet have been part of our lives since the beginning of the world.

Regardless of whether it’s benign or malign radiation, if we stay in it for prolonged periods, it can adversely affect our health.

Hungral harmonises the earth’s radiation.

Because we need these energies, it is important not to eliminate them, but to tune them to the vibration level of the human body.

NEW! Our newest development, the Life Harmonizer, is now available, which can raise the vibration level of the food placed on it and the human body!

There was a group of people whose nomadic lifestyle allowed them to create dwellings with a very special feature: protection against these radiations.

This was the yurt.

I noticed something special when setting up my very first yurt, but it was only years later that I realized there is no harmful earth radiation inside the yurt.

The people living in my yurts have shared that their lives have completely changed. They experience more restful sleep, greater balance, harmony, and improved overall health.

But how can the “yurt effect” be brought inside the walls of the house?

Through realization and extensive trial testing, we created the “Hungrál,” which, based on the research, neutralizes and excludes all types of harmful earth radiations, including electromagnetic smog.

A Hungrált a földre, padlóra lehelyezve a hatókörén belül harmonizál minden földsugárzást, vízér hatást, elektroszomogot.

It doesn’t eliminate radiation.

Every harmful and positive radiation has a measurable vibration.
We need all the radiations present on Earth because we draw energy from them. It creates harmony.


The Hungrál doesn’t cover or repel these radiations like many space-harmonizing devices found on the market.
It harmonizes everything, meaning it converts them into not harmful vibrations for humans.

How does it work?

We have little information about the exact mechanism of action. Following our experiences with yurts and numerous successful and less successful attempts, we managed to experiment with the combination of materials and shape that work efficiently and have a favorable impact.

All of the radionics practitioners, psychotronic experts, and healers involved in our research have confirmed our results without exception.


Hungarian Highest Frequency Gold and Silver Colloids

With our specialized Hungrál devices, we’ve raised 100% natural gold and silver colloids to the highest achievable vibrational level. These colloids, in addition to their traditional effects, further enhance their positive impacts due to their elevated vibrational frequency, thereby assisting in the restoration of proper bodily function.

Experience the beneficial effects of our elevated vibrational colloids.

Silver colloidGold colloid

What exactly are these geopathic radiations?

Geopathic radiations are present in almost every home.

The radiation frequency of the water vein is very low (3 – 7 Hz). When a person lies over a water vein for an extended period, the radiation frequency of the water vein can be absorbed by the human body, causing cellular-level health issues and even symptomatic malfunctions of the organs.

The radiation frequency of the Hartmann grid is very high (130-135 Hz), and it triggers harmful processes in the burdened human body in the same way.

In both cases, chronic diseases can develop, which can sometimes be severe and life-threatening.

Water vein
  • The Hungrál raises the low frequency of the water vein to the healthy human body’s frequency level (28-30 Hz).
Other geopathic radiations
  • The same principle applies to all harmful and non-harmful radiations.
  • Our experience indicates that the Hungrál harmonizes electromagnetic smog, 4G, and 5G as well.
Hartmann grid
  • It decreases the high frequency of the Hartmann radiation to the healthy human body’s vibration level (28-30 Hz).


  • For instance, the Saint George radiation, which has healing properties, can be harmful to health if one stays exposed to it for an extended period.

Electro smog

Hartmann grid


St George net

Water vein

Form and Matter:

Body – Soul – Mind harmonisation

The final form and material composition of Hungrál are the results of extensive experimentation. We observed significantly different results when altering the shape and, most importantly, the small-scale changes in material.

It can only be used placed on the floor with the bottom side up.

They should be placed on the floor in a visible location in the room. You can also put them next to the wall, but do not hide or cover them, as it reduces their effectiveness.

The Hungrál positively affects all living creatures within its range.

It positively affects humans, animals, and plants alike. When someone is within the range of the Hungrál's influence, the body's self-healing mechanisms can be activated, and the immune system can correct any issues. This can be further enhanced through a healthy diet, exercise, and meditation.

Its effective range is 30 – 80 m2.

The effective range of Hungrál varies depending on its size. Surprisingly, the smallest one can harmonize the largest area. If you stack the three Hungráls in the order of small-medium-large, you can multiply the effect!

Placement of Hungrál in more detail

What impact can be expected?

By Using the Hungrál

Usually, the quality of sleep improves, and people feel more rested, energetic, and better in general when using Hungrál. It activates the immune system and initiates the body’s self-healing processes.

Effects of Harmful Earth Radiation

Sleep can be disturbed and not restful. People may experience fatigue and exhaustion for no apparent reason. Energy blocks can develop, hindering the immune system.

The significance of Hungrál lies in its ability to eliminate the root cause of the disease.


Indirect effect

By harmonizing geopathic radiations, it eliminates harmful impulses and dissolves existing energy blocks.


By eliminating harmful effects and providing positive support, Hungrál offers a higher quality of life

Direct effect

It can directly raise the low-frequency vibrations in the human body at the cellular level to a healthy level.

As per current legal regulations, we must mention that the information provided on the website is based on observations and is not scientific fact.
While in Russia, research on this topic is considered natural science, European and American medicine view it as pseudo-science.

"Over the course of almost a month of use, the following chronic symptoms have almost completely disappeared:
- Shoulder, elbow, wrist, and ankle joint pain;
- Stiffness and pain in neck, back, and/or lower back muscles upon waking in the morning;
- So-called cold allergy "

Sándor, 75 years old

I used to wake up almost every hour and often had nightmares. Since we placed this small object in the bedroom (about 2 weeks ago), this has gradually stopped. The first two nights, I could hardly sleep; it was as if I were nervous. However, after that, I could sleep better and deeper, and my nightmares disappeared as well. Now, I wake up completely rested!

Zsuzsanna L.

I've been struggling with sleep problems for years. On my friend's recommendation, I tried this tool, initially with significant pessimism. The difference was noticeable from the very first night. Instead of waking up at three or four in the morning, I slept almost until 7 in the morning. I've been using it for months now, and my sleep issues have completely disappeared. Thank you for this opportunity!

István S.

The first three nights were rough, but since then, I've been sleeping really well. Believe it and get it! Hungrál for everyone!

H. Mary

I've only been using Hungrál for a week, but it's been a positive experience. I struggled with severe sleep disorders, and there was no chance of getting restful sleep. Now, I've been sleeping for four days, which is a blessing for me. Falling asleep is much easier, and if I wake up at night, I have no trouble going back to sleep. I wake up earlier and feeling more refreshed. Now, I can see a chance of eventually sleeping through the night.

Judith S.

It's been exactly one week since we received it. What I've noticed is that my frequent early morning leg cramps have stopped. There were times when I couldn't even stand up because of them. Since then, I've had only one mild leg cramp, and the quality of my sleep has improved.

Sz. Zoltán

The first couple of nights, I didn't notice any changes, but it was clear with the animals that sleep in my room. Both the dog and the cat slept through the night from the first night on; there was no restlessness. About. a week, I began to feel that I was sleeping more peacefully, despite all the stress.

M. Sára

I've had very little sleep for years... Now I've become a real groundhog in a few days!

S. Zsuzsi

I can only share positive experiences. About. a week, I began to feel that I was sleeping more peacefully, despite all the stress.

Eva M.

I believe it contributed to better and deeper sleep for me.

B. J. Mary

I received it a week ago, and before that, I could only sleep superficially. Since then, I've been sleeping very deeply and restfully. It's already worth it, and I feel like my overall well-being has improved. I can feel its effect, even though it's only been a short time.

Gy. Ildiko

The first one or two nights can be worse in terms of sleep and well-being because the body is accustomed to the negative radiations, and their withdrawal excites the nervous system. This is temporary. After a few days, sleep becomes increasingly calm and restful.

If you have a smartwatch, you can observe that your deep sleep cycle becomes longer after using Hungrál compared to what it was before. Currently, this is the only tool available for measuring the positive effect.

Már az első éjszaka pozitív tapasztalataink voltak. A páromnak krónikus kéz fájdalmai vannak, amely jelentősen csökkent, szinte már meg is szűnt. Hosszú hónapok óta éjszaka a kezek zsibbadásra ébredt, ez teljesen elmaradt, valamint a rendszeres reggeli fejfájása is megszűnt.

M. István

Én az első napokban nem éreztem semmit, de pár nap elteltével azt tapasztaltam, hogy átalszom az éjszakát (amire évek óta nem volt példa) és ami a lényeg, hogy reggel kipihenten ébredek. Továbbá váll-könyék-ízületi fájdalmaim enyhültek, majd eltűntek. Emellett a “szokásos” téli és tavaszi időszakban jelentkező náthás tünetek elkerülték az egész családot, illetve egyfajta harmónia is érezhető a családi légkörön. Én nem tudom, hogy mi van: de valami van! A fent leírtak tükrében jó szívvel tudom ajánlani.

F. Árpád

Mi a párommal szinte minden helyiségben elhelyeztünk egyet. Tapasztalatom szerint az első két napban felerősödtek azok a problémák amit alapvetően éreztem a testemben (derék fájdalom, szívritmus beütések, enyhe ízületi fájdalmak). Aztán a harmadik naptól megszűntek ezek az érzések. Meditációs gyakorlatok alkalmával hamarabb jutok el a nyugodt állapothoz. Azt gondolom és érzem, hatásos eszközt kaptunk! Áldás legyen a munkálkodásotokon!

F. László

We express our gratitude to the radionics practitioners, psychotronics experts, and healers who have generously assisted in getting to know and developing the Hungrál and continue to provide support.