Geopathic radiations



The term “Dowsing” or “Radiesthesia” is derived from the words “Radius” and “Aisthesis” and means “the ability to sense radiation”.

Dowsing deals with the research of energy radiations that are below the threshold value and/or considered sub-toxic in terms of sensitivity to geopathic and other devices. Although it is officially recognized as a science in Russia,
it is often treated as a pseudoscience in Europe and America, and the field of medicine, like many other forms of natural healing, remains dismissive.
Therefore, according to current legal regulations, it is essential to mention that the following observations and facts are not scientifically proven.

Geopathic Radiations


Numerous studies are conducted on geopathic radiations. We have tried to gather the most important and common ones and provide a comprehensive picture of them.

Based on our experience, the Hungrál is capable of harmonizing all common geopathic radiations that may occur.


One or more water veins create ray radiations due to the flowing water.

Water veins carry life energy, devitalize and weaken the aura. Their effects are personal and variable, depending on an individual’s sensitivity. They can lead to aggressiveness, prolonged depression, blood pressure fluctuations, bone and joint issues.

Underground water veins receive information from the terrain they pass through (e.g., cemeteries, landfills, ore deposits, battlefields, toxic waste sites, etc.) and transmit the harmful effects. According to the Chinese, one should not sleep “above the dragon’s veins.”


Hartmann lines are caused by small magnetic radiation emanating from the Earth’s core, creating a grid structure with grid lines oriented in the north-south and east-west directions.

Their characteristics include grid patterns and deformation of the Hartmann lines. Furthermore, their energy content is highest near the equator and decreases as you move towards the poles. The neutral polarity of the space bordered by the Hartmann lines poses no danger to humans.

However, intersections of Hartmann lines create energetic conditions that may block or overstimulate chakras, depending on whether they rotate in the opposite or the same direction as a person’s chakras. As you approach the intersection points, their effects become more intense.

Many different diseases can be caused by geopathic radiation in the area where we live


The Curry line has one positive and one negative polarity side.

The polarized field is square or rhombus-shaped, varying polarities. Positive and negative magnetic fields blanket the entire earth. They have orientations of NE-SW and NW-SE. Being in the positive zone aids learning and problem-solving while charging the aura.

The effects of Curry lines are similar to Hartmann lines since the intersections of Curry lines also produce energy patterns that may affect chakras in the same way. Therefore, their impact is similar to what was described for Hartmann lines.


Earth nerve currents.

Being at such places has a positive effect on the human body if done in moderation. In these areas, people often feel “recharged” and experience a sense of rest and tranquility.

Szent-György lines are associated with Ley lines. Where they intersect, the place becomes an earth acupuncture center and a cosmic channel.


The effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation can also be neutralized.

In cases of places exposed to such effects (e.g., playgrounds near transformer houses, antennas, which have unfortunately started to appear on hospital roofs, intensive mobile phone and computer use, etc.), it is essential to pay attention to neutralizing the radiation gradually.

Electro smog affects the nervous system, alters blood conductivity, and may cause histopathological changes. Due to the large number of cases, physicians recognize it as a risk factor in psychosomatic illnesses. Microwave radiation has been shown to cause cataracts and retinoblastoma.