Placement of Hungráls,

Where to place it?

Definitely on the floor!

The Hungrál must be placed on the floor because its effect originates at the plane of its lower edge. If you were to put it on a shelf, the positive effect would start from the shelf's plane upwards, which is unhealthy because the lower part of your body would still be exposed to harmful radiations.

Where should it not be placed?

Do not put it above the plane of the floor and under things where you spend a lot of time.

It's not healthy to stay above the epicenter of the effect for extended periods, so don't place it under the bed, chair, or other similar objects. As previously mentioned, do not put it above the plane of the floor (on a shelf or table) either. Of course, if it's on a shelf for a short period, even for days, it won't harm you because the radiations are not constant, but in the long term, it's not healthy.

What should you pay attention to when placing it?

Open corner

You can safely place it in a corner where the Hungrál has a "view" of the room. It's also okay if there's a plant in front of it; it won't block the effect.

Next to a straight wall

Placing the Hungrál directly against a wall works very well because it can harmonize effectively in an open space without obstructions.

Under the table

You can comfortably place it under a table, just be careful not to step on it to avoid breaking it. For this reason, coffee tables are more practical than dining tables.

Do not place it below the bed but put it below the chair

Under no circumstances should you place it under a bed or a chair! It's not healthy to stay above the epicenter for an extended period (weeks).

Do not place it behind a cabinet in the corner

Don't place the Hungrál behind larger furniture because it can weaken its effect. If you must place it between the cabinet and the wall, make sure it's as close as possible to the front surface of the cabinet.

Don’t place it on top of a cabinet or shelf.

Do not place it on top of a cabinet or shelf. The effect of the Hungrál radiates upward from the lower edge, so if you put it on top of furniture, the lower part of your body might not be in the harmonized area.

What is the area of impact?

The effect of the Hungrál harmonizer is inversely proportional to its size.

It is very interesting that as the size of the Hungral decreases, its efficiency increases! During the research, these three sizes were found to be the most effective because, strangely, with smaller Hungrál sizes, the effect is almost completely eliminated compared to the current ones.

The Large Hungrál

  • It’s referring to a larger version of the Hungrál device. A 6-meter radius hemisphere, i.e., a 12-meter diameter circle as the base, extends its effect in a spherical manner up to a height of 6 meters.

The Medium Hungrál

  • A 7-meter radius hemisphere, i.e., a 14-meter diameter circle as the base, extends its effect in a spherical manner up to a height of 7 meters.

The Small Hungrál

  • A 9-meter radius hemisphere, i.e., a 18-meter diameter circle as the base, extends its effect in a spherical manner up to a height of 9 meters.

Complex layout

The impact can be multiplied!

If the three Hungrals are placed in such a way that the smallest is placed first, followed by the medium and then the largest, the efficiency is multiplied. The space you take up will be enough for a family house, and we’ll even help your neighbour!

To achieve the right effects, it is important to try to position the Hungrals as accurately as possible, so that their centre is as close to the same point as possible.


You can store the Hungrál on a shelf by laying it on its side and not placing it sole side down. Just be careful that it doesn't roll away. It can also be stored in its box in a neutral state.


The harmonizing effect of the Hungrál should be renewed every 5 years. To do this, place it sole side up in a geopathic radiation-free location for 24 hours. If it gets dirty, you can clean it with a clean damp cloth or sponge. Do not use chemicals!


Any liability arising from improper use is excluded. If you follow the instructions on the website, you will only achieve a positive effect. However, if you are unsure about using the Hungrál, please contact us or request the assistance of a dowser.