Test results, measurements

Ongoing Monitoring

From time to time, we invite renowned dowsers, psychotronics experts, and other professionals to test and provide their opinions on the Hungrál.

It’s crucial that our research is substantiated, allowing us to progress in the right direction in this entirely new field. In the short time since the Hungrál’s inception, we’ve already gained a wealth of experience.
We’ve continually refined both the form and the materials used, and we’ve even discovered vibrational healing. Most importantly, we always verify every change and seek input from experts in the field to ensure that we make the Hungrál system even better and more effective.

Measurement results

Below, we compile the opinions of professionals who, beyond testing, have also documented their experiences.

Ferenc Varga


The Hungrál certainly serves the well-being of humanity.

The HUNGRÁL is a device composed of certain materials and shaped into a conical form. This design was created by István Hubert, a resident of Baja, Hungary, with the goal of harmonizing harmful terrestrial radiations in living spaces and making them more habitable for humans.

I examined whether the devices are suitable for the purposes he specified, which is to harmonize terrestrial radiations. For the purpose of my investigations, I received two sizes: 7cmX9cm and 2.5cmX3cm.

I conducted my examinations of the Hungrál in relation to two types of terrestrial radiations: Hartmann lines and water veins. It should be known that both types of radiation are harmful to human health if one spends a prolonged and regular amount of time in them, such as in a person’s sleeping place where they regularly spend a lot of time.
At the same time, it should be known that humans need these variable radiations, which do not interfere with their work unless they are engaged in a specific type of sedentary work.
By examining the larger Hungrals and placing them in the beam zone, the following results were measured. Starting from the grail, it harmonises space for a distance of six metres in all directions, making it livable for humans without harming their health. The smaller size of the grail is surprising, but it performs even better. 8m in all directions from the placement point, it has increased the space where you can relax and live your life The water vein has a low resonance, the Hartmann mesh has a high resonance.

What Hungral knows is that it tunes the resonance of these radiations to the resonance of living human beings, which makes them livable. I have also observed that it is able to keep electrosmog within limits that are acceptable to humans. I find it suitable for serving the well-being of humans. Whether it’s the shape, the material, or both that accomplishes this, I do not know, but it likely involves both aspects. However, one thing is certain: it serves the well-being of humans.
My personal experience is as follows: I no longer have sleepless nights, I sleep well, wake up refreshed, and my vitality has increased.

Dr. László Weixl-Várhegyi

engineer, dowser, bioenergetic healer, lifestyle and nutrition consultant, naturopath

It is possible to neutralize an entire room or smaller apartments from geopathic zones.

Earlier this year, during my visit to Baja, I received very small, 2.5 cm ceramic yurts as well as larger 7 cm in height, 9 cm in diameter ceramic yurts for conducting radiesthetic measurements on their effects on different geopathic radiations and their abilities to counteract the various impacts of electromagnetic smog.

Among geopathic radiations, Hartmann and Curry networks are the most widespread. These have harmful effects on those with a weak immune system or individuals who do not lead a healthy lifestyle, do not maintain a healthy diet, or have harmful addictions. Even healthy individuals can stress their immune systems due to the prolonged effects of such radiations on their bodies and organisms (e.g., during sleep, working at stationary desks, standing or working in a fixed position, and prolonged sitting in one place, as is common in office jobs and schools).

Through measurements of these radiations, I observed the following:

If the yurts were not placed within the specific geopathic radiation line or its intersections, they had no effect. However, when I positioned them in the geopathic zone of these radiations with the base facing upward, the small yurt extended the radiation by 9 meters, and the larger yurt by 12 meters in all directions, forming a circular pattern. This way, entire rooms or smaller apartments can be neutralized from geopathic zones of this nature. When they are not positioned with their base, even if they are within the zone, they do not have any deflective effect. When placed on stationary vehicles with their bases fixed to the vehicles, they also protect the vehicles from geopathic zones.

Among geopathic zones, the so-called fault lines and water veins have strong health-damaging effects (even if we do not spend long periods in these zones or if our immune system is weak). These zones can make us feel tired and exhausted.

Even in these zones, if the yurts were not in a stationary position, they did not show any protective effects. However, when the ceramic yurts were placed in these geopathic zones, it did not matter where they were placed in the zone within the width of the zone, their protective effects were valid for both stationary and mobile tests. The small ceramic yurt provides protection within the zone even if the width of the water vein is larger than two meters. This is referred to as in-zone protection.

The larger ceramic yurt exhibited the same protection but provided a 2.5-meter diameter protective area. In apartments or industrial halls with such radiation zones, individuals should be placed within these protective areas or these yurts should be densely distributed across the area to ensure full coverage.

What’s interesting about the measurements is that in positively impactful geopathic protection zones, such as the Szent György lines and Ley lines, they also exhibit protective effects at the water veins. So, it turns out that they can’t harm you even when you’re surrounded by positivity.


Nowadays, we are exposed to a multitude of electromagnetic fields with different frequencies and wavelengths. The most common is the 50 Hz frequency, 220 and 380-volt electrical grid systems, which Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven to have a deformative effect on the structure of living organisms’ water (blood, lymph, bodily fluids, etc.). The ceramic yurts also protect against this influence. The small ones provide a 5.2-meter protective radius, while the large ones offer an 8.1-meter radius. For 380-volt lines, the protective radius is reduced by half a meter. In this case, they provide protection only when placed on their base, meaning their bottom. When the yurts are in this position, whether stationary or mobile, they maintain their protective range.

I double-checked it several times, but I couldn’t believe that the ceramic yurts don’t work against microwave ovens and Wi-Fi. However, they do work against mobile and smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers. They provide protection only when they are placed on their base! Interestingly, if they are within a 2-meter radius of a computer, they provide protection, even if they are within two meters. The small yurt has a 4.1-meter protective range, and the large one has a 5.7-meter radius, which also applies to monitors. These areas determine how many should be placed within an apartment or workplace.

(László tested the 1st generation Hungrál; since then, the grals have evolved a lot.)

Many thanks to all the experts who have helped us get this far! …and this exciting new world is just beginning to open up!